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Feel confident that your planning application is strong and accurate with sound input and advice from Richard Ling & Associates.


Having worked in the industry for 35+ years, Richard Ling & Associates can review your application or appeal and offer quality advice to help you get the go ahead you need.

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A lot goes up in the air when it comes to planning, and Richard Ling & Associates help you bring those factors back down to within your control.


We can assess your site and planning proposal and serve as a valuable negotiator in the application and appeal process.

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Don't get lost in the procedures - we consistently remain up-to-date on all the specifics of UK government planning measures and explains the best action plan for you.


We offer targeted research and advice so your project plans are followed to completion.

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Do your own research - read more about Richard Ling & Associates and our team's outstanding experience and learn just what a valuable asset we can be to your planning process.

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Rest a little easier during your planning process that you have a reputable and knowledgeable guide on your side - Richard Ling & Associates offer valuable planning services to help you.

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